About Neptha

Neptha has been established to fulfil the changing requirements of Chemicals to Green Chemicals by various Industries. Neptha is focused in research and development of the products, which can replace the harsh chemicals in world of Textile, Detergent, Leather, Paper and similar industries.

We are engaged in manufacturing of products, which can create a value for the users and have positive impact on environment. Also, with constant efforts from our dedicated team of research scholars, we are able to produce products which can save time, energy and time and help industry in more sustainable way. Chemistry is becoming innovative day by day, and Neptha enjoying riding the waves successfully with our vision and values. Neptha is not our business but our passion to synthesize nature. Here we put all our efforts in quest of products which benefits, not only to a particular community, but, to entire world.

Our basic motive is to make our customer successful to deliver right products to the world.

Neptha - "Enlightening Chemistry".

At Neptha we are committed for..
Our values

Believe in and value every individual basing relationships on mutual respect and behaviour integrity. Develop the potential, professionalism and skills of each individual.

Nurture in everyone a pride of belonging to a successful international group. Build an organization that will attract and retain talent; utilize reward systems that place value on growth, the circulation of skills, continuous improvement, delegation, teamwork.


Promote excellence in product technologies and applications that are original, proprietary, and capable of generating value.

Sustain projects and initiatives oriented towards innovation in products and company processes, in synergy with all our partners: customers, suppliers and other third parties working with the company.


Working "together", striving to gain an in-depth knowledge of mutual needs, to seize all growing opportunities. Developing a close and efficient working relationship, with interfunctional groups, in order to reach shared objectives, with result to orientation and a global vision.


Designing, conducting and developing industrial activities to achieve technological, process and product development, assuring personal safety, respect for the environment and safeguard of community.


Create value and maintain the conditions for company development over time, ensuring financial solidity and independence.

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